Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Restarting an Air Conditioner After a Sudden Power Cut

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As an AC user, you have to admit that your air conditioner is one of the most complicated appliances in your home and hence, it is quite important to use it cautiously. You don't need to do something extraordinary to protect your air-conditioning system, but all you need to do is follow a few precautions so that your AC unit will be able to work efficiently. Here, we are discussing how a sudden power outage may cause damage to an air-conditioning system. The experts of your ac repair Riviera Beach advise that if you ever face such a situation, then follow a few steps to restart your air conditioner.

So, whenever you face a sudden power cut in your home, follow these precautions to keep your air-conditioning system from accidental damage.

1. Before restarting your air conditioner, you are required to turn it off properly and for that, you should turn off the thermostat. It is the first thing that you should do at the time of the power outage. You can simply locate the system switch on the thermostat and set it to the off point.

2. After adjusting the thermostat setting to the off position, you are required to turn off the air conditioner at the circuit breaker, which is very important for protecting the AC unit from a sudden collapse. It is very easy to do so as you only need to find the AC switch on the circuit breaker and turn it off. So now, you have successfully turned your air conditioner off, and it's time to restart the system.

3. When your home is back on electrical power, turn the circuit breaker on again. Remember that you should be cautious while doing so as it is a complicated task and sometimes, could be hazardous to your life.

4. Then wait for 30 minutes as the internal circuitry of an air-conditioning system needs this time to reset after a power outage. In such a situation if you are unable to restart your AC unit, contact the reliable technicians of the ac repair Riviera Beach for instant assistance.

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